Wound Pathogen Panel

Wound Pathogen Panel

Wound Infection and Treatment Panel

A Comprehensive Wound Panel:

  • Simultaneously detect and identify 39 causative wound pathogens and four antibiotic resistance genes from a single swab.
  • Rapid 24-36 hour turnaround time for results.
  • Simple one-page report for result interpretation.

Superior Sensitivity vs. Traditional Methods:

  • The Spartan Lab Wound Panel has an increased sensitivity of approximately 30% over culture and identifies organisms that may be missed by traditional methods.
  • Identify difficult to culture pathogens rapidly.
  • Spartan Lab Wound Panel is a fast and comprehensive hybrid molecular and phenotypic based test , it identifies and detects pathogens found in human wound swab specimens.

Provides Tools to Help Guide Treatment:

  • A 24 antibiotic menu is used in the treatment guidance of gram negative and gram positive single and polymicrobial infections
  • Along with CLSI recommended antibiotics for anerobic targets not traditionally grown in culture or where susceptibility testing is not performed.
  • Ability to report Polymicrobial antibiotic susceptibility
  • Only available through CLS for wound specimens and promotes substantially improved outcomes not available through traditional culture.
  • The Spartan Lab Solutions Wound Panel promotes antimicrobial stewardship through eradication of pathogens faster than traditional pure culture and sensitivity leading to better patient outcomes and satisfaction.